3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade – Students are completing their Graphic Organizers and writing paragraph from the information.  There is an iPad app for that, Popplet.  Students will then be using MS Word to type a paragraph from our organizer.  4th Grade will be experimenting with MS Paint to draw the water cycle, here is an online version of a similar Paint tool.

2nd Grade -Students will be learning about Graphic Organizers and how to use them with our writing.  There is an iPad app for that, Popplet.  Students will then use Pixie to type sentences from our organizer. 

1st Grade – Students are using a program called Graph Club to learn about graphing.

Kindergarten – Students are learning a new software called Pixie.  It is one of my favorites, you can do so much with it.  Students will be using shapes to draw a house.