Upcoming  Computer Lab Activities

4th, & 5th Grade – Students will be working with our graphic organizer in Popplet, which will be used as a storyboard.   Students will then use Pixie to create a Slideshow that will be a video podcast.  There is a rubric to view.

     4th Grade Topic – Forces & Motion   (Science Book pg 202-246)
     5th Grade Topic – Physical & Chemical Changes   (Science Book pg 124-172 )

3rd Grade –  Students will be learning how to use the Cobb Digital Library to search for information using key words.  A fun scavenger hunt will be used to help the students learning the system.  Let’s see what you learned with this CDL Webquest?

2nd Grade – Students are using Popplet to give information.  Then this information will be used to make sentences using Pixie.

1st Grade – Students are using BrainPop to learning about Internet Safety.

Kindergarten – Students are receiving mouse practice and learning how to log into the school computers.  Students are learning Pixie to create drawings using their mouse.