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Why students should learn to code?

It may be the most important second language your child will ever learn.

(Learn more about the initiative.)

Brainpop– What is coding?

Coding For Kids



Bot Logic


– Artbot Action


– Angry Birds


First Grade Activities

Learn to Code Activities


-Puppy Game by BrainPop


-Flappy Bird


More Coding Activities for Youngsters

The Foos – Hour of Code

Kodable – Hour of Code


2nd – 5th Grade Activities

Learn to Code Activities – Computer Science Education Initiative

More Coding Activities




Fantastic Contraption


Magic Pen




Coding with BrainPop

Brainpop Code Collection


Online Physics Games


More Coding Activities for Intermediate Grades

Tynker – Hour of Code

All Can Code

Coding Games by BrainPop

Mystery Island Game

– Mystery Island Tuturial

CS First



Advanced Coding Games


Code Studio

Beyond The Hour Of Code


Code Avengers – Hour of Code

Code Avengers

Google “Made with Code” Projects

Padlet Idea Blog with Coding Created by Teachers