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ABCya – 1st Grade

ABCya – 2nd Grade

Code CS Fundamentals

Make your robot – Then write about it.


Starfall Home Page

Hidden Pictures – Sing

Hidden Pictures – Farmer In The Dell

Hidden Pictures – Fall Cleanup

Hidden Pictures – At The Library

I Spy! (Game)

Magic School Bus


Computer Lab Favorites


Disney Junior

Word Clouds for Kids

Thesaurus for Students

1st Grade Word Search

Funbrain- 1st Grade

My Story Maker – GREAT SITE – You NEED to TRY THIS OUT!

2nd Grade Learning Games and Games that are just FUN

Fun Typing Games

Practice your drawing skills using the mouse. Crayola – Drawing on a Whiteboard

ABCYa Paint (for learning how to Draw with the mouse)

NickJr. Free Draw

Keyboard Climber ( A Great Way to Practice Typing)

Typing – Introduction of the space bar

Brainpop, Jr. – A Great Place to Learn About Many Things

KB Kids – All Grades

Think and Draw

Let’s Read a Book – select by grade, subject, author, or type of book

Computer Lab Favorites (50 Activities)

Respect. Learn what this word means.


StoryLine Online – Books Read to you by the Screen Actor’s Guild.

StoryLine Online. net – Many Stories read by actors

Sandcastle Spelling – Great on interactive board. *

You Got to be Kidding – Solve real life problems by choosing the best advice

PBS Kids – Between the Lions – Great educational games.

Professor Garfield – Orson’s Farm – Beginning Sounds, Rhyming Words,

All About Farm Animals – Great information

Read Aloud Stories – Rif (Reading Planet) Good for end of classes.

Mighty Books – Stories, Songs and Puzzles, plus check out the concept page.

Rhyme and Roll – This is fun, be sure to check it out. She is skating.

Little Animal Activity Center

Play Baseball – Hit the rhyming words and win.

Reading Activities

Bike Safety with Elmo and other stories.

Typing – Dance Mat Typing – Have Fun

Bike Safety

Math Practice Test for 1st Grade – See How You Do.

Build a Farm a house, a constuctions site or a make-believe place

Virtual Farms – Vist a horse, aquaculture, beef, dairy, poultry or wheat farm

Star Writer – Can you read the word?

Let’s Draw Arthur!

I Know That (1st Grade) All Subjects

I Know That (2nd Grade) All Subjects

Barnaby Bear – 1st Grade (Out of order) (Weather Report) (Map Skills) BBC

Clifford interative stories

Word Wise

Listen to the Diffendoofer Story and then play the game..

Nutrition – Food Groups for 1st and 2nd Grades

Vocabulary Games

What do aliens look like? You decide!

Salad Factory – Are you eating the right foods? Check it out.

Tangram – Can you Create this one?

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – Games to play

Braille Translator – You can print your name in braille

Save the baby Penguin

Virtual Antarctica – Find the animals.

BBC – Great site for 2nd graders – it is fun and makes you think.

Spelling Fun for 1st Grade – Color It, Puzzle It – New – check it out

Childtopia – Educational Games – New This Year!Roy the Zebra – Reading Games – New This Year