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EdHeads - Science Activities

Fun Science

Simple Machines - Great examples of simple machines
eekOWorld - New  - The Environment, Garbage & Recyling, Air & Water, Plants & Animals
Fact Monster - All science related subjects.
Animals - Fact Sheets
National Geographic For Kids - Great website
Animal Planet - Great for all animals. Look in Explore more for more animals.
National Wildlife Federation -  Ranger Rick, Your Big Backyard, and more.
Harcourt Science - All grade levels.
Read a Fish - Grades K, 1, 2
Shedd  Explore's  Guide (Plants & Animals) (People and Culture) (Places: Land & Sea)
Volcanoes, fossil, universe, animals and more.
Monterey Bay Aquarium - View live web cams of sea otters, penguins, and more.
Where Do I Live? Place the animal in the correct habitat.
Farm Animals
Smithsonia National Zoo - Photo Gallery of Animals
Health - All Grades (Online activities)
Nutrition Cafe -  Learn about healthly eating at this site with fun games.
FEMA - Help prepare for disaster. Fire, floods, hurricane,etc.
*** Cyberchase - New this summer - check it out at this PBS website
Plants - Unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.
Trees are Terrific.... Travel with Pierre
The Great Plant Escape - Plant Life
The Adventures of Herman the Worm
Trees - Explore the secret life of trees (3rd grade and up)
Environmental Kids Club - Check this out!
All About Mammals
Weather - What is it? (BBC Websites)
Science Clips - All subjects, all ages.  (BBC Website)
Amazing Animals - (A to Z)  BBC Website
Wolves - in Yellowstone National Part -  e-trip
Science Up Close - All Grades (Harcourt School Publishers
Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science,  with Multimedia Biographies to match (All Grades)
What's That = Science Game (like Jeopardy)
Science Projects - Great Ideas- Check it out.
Cloud Clues - 4th Grade
Feed Me - 1st Grade Science
The World's Biomes - Aqactic, Deserts, Forest, Grasslands, Tundra
This Planet Really Rocks! (Webquest for 3rd Grade) 
Nutrition Cafe'
Build Your Own Robot - Online! Complete the lessons to get your parts!
Food Groups - 1st Grade Classes
Fall- How do trees get their color?
ZooBooks - Fact about animals.
The Body Book - Check this out!
Gold Burger to Go - Complicated Contraption but this is fun!
Moving Our Principal (Simple Machines)
Simple Machines  - Great pictures of simple machines!
Nutrition - Fruits, Vegetable and Dairy Products (Healthy Eating)
Animal - Fill in the info and then print your report - Read, Write and Type Activity
Online Experiments and Info
Arty, the Part-Time Astronaut - Travel to the Nine Planets.
For Kids - Body, Lungs - Movie
Penguins - 1st Grade 
Create a Roller Coaster - Have Fun With This - Be sure to read about how to build it.