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We finished our typing unit with all grades and hopefully they are continuing to practice at home using our typing web page.  Here is what is next for our students.

4th & 5th Grade – Students will be learning Scratch (a coding program) and Internet Safety over the next few weeks.

3rd Grade – Students have been learning how to use our online resources in the Cobb Digital Library, so that they can research historical figures for a PowerPoint project.

2nd Grade – Students are learning Graphing tools.

1st Grade & Kindergarten – Students are using the typing skills to write words or sentences in Pixie.

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Happy New Year!

We started our year off with coding and some reading evaluations.  Next, we plan to work on our typing skills with all grades.  Please help your child improve their typing with a few minutes of practice each day.  It can take as little as 10 minutes a day to help with a skill that will used all during their lifetime.   Practice links are located on our Typing page.

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Here is what is happening in the lab?

4th & 5th Grade – Finishing our amazing comic strips.  Their work looks wonderful.  Their teachers will send them home but they may display them first.  I can not wait till you see them.

2nd & 3rd Grade – Students are beginning to learn Excel by using the color fill tool to make a Gingerbread House with directions on which cells to color.

If you finish, the Gingerbread House in Excel then you can do these Gingerbread Activities.

  1. Decorate your own Gingerbread Man.
  2. Make a Gingerbread Boy or Girl.
  3. Spot the Difference on the Gingerbread Man and House.


1st GradeLearning about Geography, Beginning Map Skills, Gogg’s Landscapes.

Kindergarten – Students are learning to use Pixie.  They are drawing trees and using stickers to decorate an outdoor scene.

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4th & 5th Grade – First, students learned how to use our new subscribed Math program, IXL.  Then, Students created themselves as a superhero and writing a paragraph about what are their true talents. Now students are creating comics strips with our superheros that go along with our curriculum.
5th Grade Topic – Civil War or Landforms, 4th Grade Topic – 6 Native American Tribes

3rd & 2nd Grade – First, students learned how to use our new subscribed Math program, IXL.  3rd Grade practiced their typing skills using Dancemat.  Then Second Grade learned about Nutrition and how to make a healthy plate using our computer with our favorite software, Pixie.  Now, Third and Second Grade are learning about Maritime Communication History and creating information about themselves in code from the Maritime Flags with Pixie.

1st Grade – First, students learned how to use our new subscribed Math program, IXL.  Then students learned about Nutrition and how to make a healthy plate using our computer with our favorite software, Pixie.  Now students are using Pixie to create pumpkins and decorate them.  Ask your student what their pumpkin turned into?

Kindergarten – Students are using websites to enhance our mouse skills.  Students can get extra practice on our Kindergarten 1 webpage under the Grade Levels tab.  Students have used 1 -5 under Mouse practice.  Students are learning skills such as Double Clicks on objects, Drag and Drop, and Moving Objects with your mouse.

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3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades will be using Pixie to do a Spelling/Vocabulary Activity using their weekly Spelling Words.

Students will learn to the Chrome shortcut for definitions.  Students will also use to look for other parts of speech, such as synonym and antonym.

If you finish the activity, please go to, type in all your words this week.  Please use the home row and correct fingers.  That means all 10 of them.  Go the the Spelling Test Enter Your Words section on the left side.  Do the spelling test, then select another activity to do.

Have fun!

1st and 2nd Grades are drawing self portraits using the Paint tools in Pixie.  They do a wonderful job.  Make sure that you see them.

Kindergarten are utilizing websites to practice Mouse skills.

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Hello Students,

Welcome Back!  Ms. Alter and Ms. Hill are excited to see you in the computer lab.  Our first computer lab will be an introduction, along with “Rules of the Lab.”  We will set up our computers.  After we complete all of that, I have one fun activity planned.  It is a new educational site that I found.


Find the games menu at the top left corner.  Select your grade and pick an Activity.  Get ready for an exciting year in the computer lab.

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Happy New Year!

Our New Year Resolution is to become better typists.  Typing is a common core standard.  The foundation helped the computer lab invest in speedskins to help improve our typing skills.  We want to thank the foundation for their help in meeting our goal.

We are beginning the new year working with the new skins in 3rd thru 5th grade.  Kindergarten thru 2nd grade are working on improving typing skills before moving onto the use of skins in the older grades.

If a student comes home talking about the new skins in the computer lab, here is the link: to check out for yourself.

The students have begun working with them and are doing a great job.


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4th and 5th Grade – We are learning how to use Office 365 for writing our upcoming Podcast Scripts.

—4th Grade Textbook Link   Weather  Chapter 3

—5th Grade Textbook Link   Civil War

3rd Grade – We are learning how to use Word writing about ancient Greece.

—Textbook Link – Ancient Greece   Rock & Minerals

2nd Grade – We are learning to use all of our fingers for typing using the online program, Dancemat.

1st Grade – We are learning to make graphs on the computer using the software, Graph Club.

Kindergarten – We are learning how to log into the computer using our student ID numbers and passwords.



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Due some parental consent delays, we are delaying our Office 365 lesson about a week or so. Unfortunately, these emails are automated and there is no way to change the time frame. If you wanted your student to learn this tool, and you did not give parental consent, a parental consent email goes out each month sometime between the 1st and 15th of each. You can give your consent when you receive this email. Please be mindful that it maybe going into your Spam or Junk folder, so you may need to keep an eye on that as well. You will be able to give parental consent from the upcoming email with the subject “Cobb County School District Office 365 Parental Consent.”

If you would like to see if you have access to the tools, you can log in using this link:

The username is and the password is the same number that the student uses to log into their computer at school. It is 3 numbers. If you do not see icons such as OneDrive, Powerpoint Online, Word Online, or Excel Online or they are grayed out, then you probably have not given consent.

As stated earlier, If you do not wish to give consent, your student will be doing their lesson using Microsoft Word 2013 that is provided at school.